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AM/FM Broadcast offers nurturing social media management and strategy as well as media outreach and brand development to independent artists, musicians, and small businesses

Social Media Management
Are you’re overwhelmed with social media platforms? Are you ready to outsource your social media posting? Or would you like help creating a social media plan for your business or project? AM/FM Broadcast can help! We offer social media packages ranging from one-time campaign support to monthly, full-service management.

Artist Support
Are you a visual artist who hates writing about your work? Or a musician in need of an attention-grabbing press kit? We can help. From bios and artist statements to resumes and CVs, AM/FM Broadcast assists with amplifying your work. We’re also available for campaign support, book launches, album launches, media outreach, press followup, and more.

Video Trailers
AM/FM Broadcast creates compelling video trailers for book launches and visual art exhibition previews.

“Alli is professional and enjoyable to work with and also an insightful, nurturing, creative person who is passionate and knowledgeable about the local arts scene. Her marketing package was really fairly priced and she did everything she promised in terms of promotion without me ever having to even think about it–it all just happened fluidly, she understood my work and came up with great press releases, scheduled events for me, answered all my questions promptly and helpfully. I got exactly what I was hoping for and am very grateful.” — Mindi Meltz, author of the After Ever After Trilogy

“Excellent experience!” — Nina Heart, Writing From the Top of Your Head


Alli Marshall

Developing and broadcasting the stories behind brands and creatives is Alli’s passion.

She brings 20 years of professional writing and editing experience. Her career history includes copywriting and editing, arts journalism, creative writing, and script writing. She’s garnered awards in journalism, headline writing, co-production of festival guides and multimedia arts coverage, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

The addition of digital media components to Alli’s toolkit increased her ability to share her clients’ messages. From the efforts of non-profit organization to the creative projects of independent artists, Alli expands platforms through dynamic videos that reach audiences while building bridges of empathy and understanding.

Black and white drawing of an owl