What is a Contentpreneure?

I recently heard the term “contentpreneure” and I like it. It describes what many of us are doing these days. According to Forbes, “An entrepreneur who uses content as a key pillar of their business strategy. Examples include a startup producing blog posts to market their SaaS product, a consultant who creates YouTube videos toContinue reading “What is a Contentpreneure?”

Notion for multi-client workflow organization

Where are my master multitaskers? If you’re anything like me, you’re doing a little bit of everything (video, social media, content creation, editing, PR, media outreach, project management …) and loving it. But also going a little crazy.  How do you organize your days and weeks, and the workflows for multiple clients? I’m a lifelongContinue reading “Notion for multi-client workflow organization”

Let’s talk about Book Trailers

A book trailer is a short-form video (usually about one minute) that introduces a soon-to-be-published book to a potential audience. A book trailer is most often for a novel, but it could also be for a collection of short stories, a book of poetry, essays, creative non-fiction … even a how-to book! The video isContinue reading “Let’s talk about Book Trailers”

Gray Rock Inn Announces Writers Project

Downtown Asheville, N.C. is home to an eco-friendly historic inn with a storied background. The Gray Rock Inn was constructed in 1911. For the past 111 years it has offered rooms to short-term guests and long-term residents while also serving as a stoic witness to eccentric Asheville through the boom of the Roaring Twenties, theContinue reading “Gray Rock Inn Announces Writers Project”

WNC-based author Mindi Meltz announces After Ever After — Book III: The Queen’s Rain

Local (Bat Cave, N.C.) author Mindi Meltz is readying the release of her latest novel, After Ever After — Book III: The Queen’s Rain. This is the third in Mindi’s After Ever After trilogy, an epic, lyrical fairy tale of real relationships beyond the “happily ever after” union where most love stories end. Published by Logosophia Books, the novelContinue reading “WNC-based author Mindi Meltz announces After Ever After — Book III: The Queen’s Rain”