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Plus social media tips for independent artists and entrepreneurs

How to Use Color Palette Generators

When branding a business, website, or campaign, it’s important to have a dedicated color palette. Here are three color palette generators to do just that.

Social media for authors (made easy) — Part 2

In this post we’ll talk about how to choose one or more platforms, how to set yourself up for success on social media, and how to avoid burnout when managing your social media.

Social media for authors (made easy) — Part 1

If you’re an author, unless you have a full-time publicist and social media team, you need to be on social media yourself. In fact, even if you DO have a full-time publicist and social media team, your readers want to hear from you, in your own voice. They want to connect with you, engage with you, and buy books from you. And that’s where your social media platforms come in.

Make up to nine social media posts from one blog post

Are you a writer or blogger? Do you find that creating narrative comes easily for you but knowing how and what and when to post on social media is a bit of a mystery (if not an outright frustration)? Here are some simple steps for turning your longform writing into Facebook and Instagram posts and Pinterest pins.


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