Organizational Tools

Think about organizational tools that can streamline your workflow, such as planners and schedulers. Do you set aside time each month to plan for the upcoming month? Do you have tasks, to-do lists, a project timelines stores in a handy and easily-accessible place that you can consult daily? If you’re using social media, do you have a monthly content plan in place?

One tool I love for everything I just mentioned is Notion. You can use the free version at I’ll talk more about how I use Notion in future newsletters, but here’s a video that really helped me to get started:

Think about your filing systems and how your store drafts of your projects. Are you easily able to find older projects? Do you know where your most recent drafts are located? Can you audit your files and offload superfluous documents such as duplicate copies, abandoned drafts, and projects you don’t intend to return to? Lightening the load is hugely helpful when it comes to organization, and organization (using a tool such as Google Drive) is hugely helpful in taking stock of WHERE YOU’RE AT and WHERE YOU’RE HEADED.

One online tool I love for organizing and presenting a writing portfolio is It looks great and is super easy to share.