Very Peri & Your Brand Colors

Have you thought about your brand colors? One way to come up with color palettes for your business or brand is to visit the Pantone website. It’s one of my favorite online spaces for inspiration, and a great resource for learning how to put colors together.

Each year since the beginning of this millennium, the company has announced its Pantone color of the year. “Pantone specializes in these color trends, especially in the realm of fashion and goods,” explains the Taylor Hieber website. “Pantone announced its first color of the year [as] Cerulean Blue. A sky blue color that reflects what some called at the time an inner peace and spiritual fulfilment with the coming millennia. Pantone Institute at the time had data to support the color blue was the leading color amongst designers and that it was reducing heart rates and blood pressure. Since the start of this Pantone initiative, many have utilized the color of the year as a way to appear trendy and modern.”

In 2021, Turquoise was the color of the year. In 2012 it was Tangerine Tango. In 2020 it was Classic Blue, “a nice rich blue that mimics what we ended up seeing heavily in design over the course of the year.” And last year (for the first time since 2016) it was two colors: a neutral gray paired with a bright yellow.

The Pantone color of the year for this year is Very Peri, a purple hue with both warm and cool tones. This is the first time that a color of year has been a new color created by Pantone. The company describes Very Peri as a transition color, “trying to represent the [shift] from reality to the metaverse concept in a look toward the future.”

Does Very Peri feel futuristic to you? Pantone went on to create several different palettes incorporating the color. They range from muted to rich and neutral to candy colored. It’s interesting how the peri hue shows up when paired with raspberry and cornsilk versus being paired with sand and taupe.

“While this color does seem to be more of a fad color,” concludes Taylor Hieber, “in specific use cases it can be a great color to represent a brand or to be introduced into a design.”

Explore the palettes here and consider how you might use a little (or a lot) of Very Peri in a design or color scheme for your brand.

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